Table 4

Assessment of findability within catalogues, including whether the catalogue listed target e-cohorts from table 2 (see figure 1)

Catalogue nameTarget e-cohorts listedSearchabilityMetadataUnique and persistent identifier
Found in 2018 but not in 2021Health Data Finder for ResearchClinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)
Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)
Can filterDataset and field levelNo
Children and young people’s health data catalogue 2009Downloadable fileDataset levelNo
Found in 2018 and 2021NHS Digital: Data and informationHESSearch bar; Can filterDataset levelNo
NHS England Data CatalogueHESSearch bar; Can filterDataset and field levelNo
Perinatal mental health: national datasetsHESDownloadable fileDataset and field levelNo
Asthma UK Data CatalogueHES
In addition in 2021:
Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)
Search bar; Dropdown listDataset levelNo
Urban Big Data Centre Health and social care dataDropdown listDataset levelNo
Social Services Improvement Agency Data CatalogueDownloadable fileDataset and field levelNo
National Data Catalogue ScotlandPISa-z listingDataset levelNo
Not found in 2018, found in 2021DataCat (University of Liverpool)Search bar; Can filterDataset levelYes
ORDA (University of Sheffield)Search bar; Can filterDataset levelYes
UK Data ArchiveSearch bar; Can filterDataset levelYes
University of LancasterSearch bar; Can filterDataset levelYes
Mauro Data Mapper/Oxford Metadata CatalogueDropdown listDataset and field levelYes
ZenodoSearch bar; Can filterDataset levelYes
Health Innovation GatewayCPRD
Search bar; Can filter; Dropdowns; Highlight new datasetsDataset levelYes
Social Care WalesSearch bar; filter; show allDataset levelNo
ONS Secure Research ServiceHESSpreadsheetDataset levelNo
  • For catalogues found in 2018, these were revisited in 2021; two were inaccessible, the other eight were unchanged in terms of metadata detail and presence of identifiers.