Table 3

Concentration of fibrous tissue and glands of the skin at birth, with comparisons between the assessed areas of the body

Median (Min–Max)Comparisons
P value*P value†P value‡
Area of fibrous connective tissue (106 µm2)
 Palm0.248 (0.069–0.346)1
 Sole0.235 (0.008–0.524)0.708
 Periumbilical abdominal area0.259 (0.093–0.526)0.817
Area of sweat glands (106 µm2)
 Palm0.097 (0.028–0.173)0.718
 Sole0.088 (0.033–0.242)<0.001
 Periumbilical abdominal area0.025 (0.010–0.061)<0.001
Area of sebaceous glands (106 µm2)
 Periumbilical abdominal area0.294 (0.020–3.652)
  • *Difference between palm and sole.

  • †Difference between palm and periumbilical area.

  • ‡Difference between sole and periumbilical area.