Table 1

Word and phrase counts per inpatient were searched across all inpatient records along groups of similar semantics and linked to whether there was an associated date of death

Key phrases showing up in documents from Octber 2018 to September 2019 (identical to ElasticSearch query)Any inpatients with the phrase during time period in health recordAny inpatients with the phrase and death dates within 7 days% of inpatients with phrase and death within 7 daysRelative risk versus annual control
Ceiling of Care Group“Treatment Escalation Plan”3181551.72.16
“not for inotropes”20<1015.018.71
“not for hdu”39<1017.922.33
“currently for full”831720.525.55
“ceiling of rx” OR “ceiling of care” OR “ceilings of care” OR “ceilings of treatment” OR “ceiling of treatment”125420316.220.20
 “ceiling of care” OR “ceilings of care” OR “limit of care” OR “limits of care”91016918.623.17
 “ceilings of treatment” OR “ceilings of treatment” OR “ceiling of rx”4315412.515.63
“not for intubation” OR “not suitable for intubation” OR “not appropriate for intubation”1845127.734.58
“not for itu” OR “not for icu” OR “not suitable for itu” OR “not appropriate for itu” OR “not for escalation to itu” OR “not for critical care”2849934.943.49
“ward based ceiling of care” OR “'ward based care only”1405337.947.23
“not for escalation” OR “escalation beyond”1937538.948.48
End of Life Care Group“palliative treatments only” OR “palliative input” OR “palliative medications” OR “palliation”116539033.541.76
“withdrawal of care” OR “withdrawal of treatment” OR “withdrawal of intensive”673856.770.75
“terminal care” OR “end of life care” OR “eol care” OR “eolc”2138123057.571.77
ControlNone of the above phrases in either cluster424 90534060.8
  • Relative risk is derived from these absolute values.