Table 1

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Safety Targets

NoSafety topicExamples
1Alert FatigueFailure to recognise ventilator alarm
2Device-related complicationDevice malfunction
3Diagnostic errorsDelayed stroke diagnosis, test misinterpretation
4Discontinuities, gaps and hand-off problemsMissed critical lab result
5Drug shortagesAntibiotics shortage
6Failure to rescueDeath from postpartum haemorrhage
7Fatigue and sleep deprivationResident errors due to sleep deprivation
8Identification errorsWrong-patient procedures
9Inpatient suicideDeath of hospitalised patient
10Interruptions and distractionsIncorrect surgical counts due to distractions
11Medical complicationsFalls, pressure ulcers, nosocomial infections, thromboembolism
12Medication safetyDispensing errors, medication-related hypoglycaemic or renal failure
13MRI safetyHarm related to unsafe MRI practice
14Nonsurgical procedural complicationsBedside procedure complications
15OvertreatmentComplications after inappropriate antibiotic use
16Psychological and social complicationsPrivacy violations
17Second victimsClinician emotional harm after adverse event
18Surgical complicationsUnexpected return to surgery, surgical site infection
19Transfusion complicationsTransfusion of incompatible blood types