Table 3

Summary of missing competencies identified by participants

ParticipantMissing competency
P11. Choosing between types of hardware and technology.
2. How data is transmitted between systems.
3. Accessing ethical and legislative requirements.
P41. How to access and use evidence bases (ie, collating evidence for a start-up).
2. Communication as part of change management (eg, workshops, comms teams, weekly meetings and teaching sessions).
3. Ethics and clinical safety.
P51. More on governance and regulatory frameworks.
2. Validation and verification of software.
3. Audit cycles.
4. Presenting data visually to patients (ie, infographics).
5. Communicating with stakeholders and getting management buy in.
P61. Agile project management.
P71. Postgraduate teaching and supervising.
P81. Understanding integration between systems (ie, clinical and social care systems).
2. Ethical decision-making.
P111. Understanding more about others roles.
P121. Decision-making should have its own domain.
2. Action behavioural change.
P141. Leadership resilience.
P151. Clinical improvement as its own section (research and evaluation of what we are doing).