Table 4: Summary of antidiabetic therapy and blood glucose testing in the (A) dual classified, (B) POMR-only, (C) EOMR-only and (D) unclassifiable patient groups (Treatment categories are not mutually exclusive)
Algorithm identifying people with possible diabetes
(A) Both(B) POMR only(c) EOMR only(D) Not classifiedTotal
Therapy groupn%n%n%n%n%
Insulin only79409.0128813.400492.292779.2
Insulin & OAD11,47613.0163417.000452.013,15513.1
Insulin & Metformin21982.53974.100140.626092.6
Insulin Px21,61424.5331934.6001084.825,04124.9
OAD Px70,39879.9872391.00027312.279,39479.0
DM tests only51745.96216.500200.958155.8
Receiving DM Px75,57285.7934497.50029313.185,20984.8
Not receiving DM Px12,58114.32432.5528100195286.915,30415.2
  • DM=diabetes mellitus; Px=prescribed, i.e. computer record of a prescription issue.