Table 2

Comparison of the topics identified by LabEL with existing manually assigned categories

LDA topicsMatched manually defined category
More detailed topicsCommunication issues causing delaysWait time
Interactions with nursesCommunication style
Physician communication style
Surgical issuesPractice standards
Emergency medical services
Issue with intubation
Boots and splints
Injury and wound careCare plan
Medication and mental health
Emergency department care
Skin care
Lost itemsPersonal property
Lost jewellery
Smoking and children careMaintenance/upkeep
Parking and accessibilityParking
Old topicsPolicies, procedures or practice standardsGovernance/policies and procedures
In-hospital hospitalityMaintenance/upkeep
Billing accuracy and affordabilityBilling
Accommodation-related billingPreferred accommodation
Dietary concernsFood
New topicsErrors in forwarding of documents
Test result
Pain management medication
Long-term care placement and abuse
File closed
Community care and treatment and nursing issues for elderly people
Mixture of two topics:
Left message and urinary catheterisation
  • LabEL, label-enhanced LDA; LDA, latent Dirichlet allocation.