Table 1

Topics identified using analytical approach

Candidate labelsTopic wordsProportion (%)
  • Communication issues causing delays

  • Communication-related issues with booking

Appointment, wait, time, clinic, speak, clerk10.58
  • Community care (particularly for elderly patients)

  • Treatment and nursing issues for elderly people

Care, home, staff, facility, provide, manager8.82
  • Interactions with nurses

Nurse, come, triage, ask, leave, sit, rude,8.80
  • Emergency department care

ED, physician, pain, CT, scan, symptom7.52
  • Policies, procedures or practice standards

  • Very short concerns

Health, centre, practice, standard, emergency, social7.20
  • Medication and mental health

Medication, psychiatrist, mental, health, mg, remand4.92
  • Injury and wound care

Antibiotic, injury, ray, infection, left, fracture4.85
  • Surgical issues (especially cancer and childbirth)

Surgery, surgeon, baby, post, delivery, procedure4.64
  • Lost items

Discharge, miss, belonging, item, lose, glass4.27
Mixture of two topics:
  • Care of patients who died

  • Physician communication style

Medication, relay, physician, resident, ask, oxygen4.08
  • Errors in forwarding of documents

Report, dialysis, outcome, denture, document, forward3.88
  • Emergency medical services

EMS, ambulance, crew, transport, paramedic, attendant3.58
  • In-hospital hospitality

Bed, food, unit, floor, room, meal3.52
  • Tests results (esp. patients who are pregnant and patients with cancer)

Blood, oncologist, test, CCI, lab, fort3.38
  • Parking and accessibility

Programme, parking, access, service, wheelchair, machine3.14
  • Accommodation-related billing

Private, room, charge, semi, accommodation, sign3.11
  • Billing accuracy and affordability

Bill, pay, invoice, tech, cost, receive3.07
Mixture of two topics:
  • Smoking in inappropriate settings

  • Care of children

Child, security, parent, stollery, guard, children2.74
Mixture of two topics:
  • Care in Medicine Hat (a name of a city)

  • Pain management medication

Knee, medicine, hat, physiotherapy, specialist, GI, ERC2.11
Mixture of two topics:
  • Long-term care placement

  • Abuse

Stroke, placement, hearing, guardian, LTC, legal1.56
  • File closed

Urgent, file, chumir, sheldon, cardiologist, PCC, close1.05
Mixture of two topics:
  • Left message

  • Urinary catheterisation

Catheter, voice, mail, message, law, crutch0.76
  • Aircast boots and splints

Cast, air, throat, ACH, boot, sore0.59
  • Issues with MRIs

MRI, chinook, CRH, stocking, kin, reduction, compression0.45
  • Lost jewellery

Grandmother, ring, NP, scope, gold, practitioner0.44
  • Issues with intubation

  • Treatment of vehicular accident patients

Tube, vehicle, bariatric, CPAP, nose, motor0.37
  • Dietary concerns

Diet, special, dietician, PCO, restriction, dietary0.33
  • Skin care

Rash, cream, innisfail, INCC, soap, haemorrhoid0.26