Table 2

Summary statistics by group and period

VariableIntervention groupControl group
No of unscheduled hospital admissions & ED visits9544.093.622.893.704505.193.994.064.67
No of unscheduled hospital admissions (non-ED)9543.
No of ED visits9541.011.310.731.404501.291.590.951.47
Length of stay for unscheduled admissions9549.8714.416.8312.4345013.6820.759.7715.15
Total cost from unscheduled admissions and ED visits only95411 11013 057745510 87645016 44720 12711 77115 769
Total cost for ED visits+scheduled and unscheduled admissions95422 82230 32916 76328 63245030 70236 86524 21836 409
Personal characteristics*
Age group 16–249540.090.294500.100.31
Age group 25–349540.160.374500.120.33
Age group 35–449540.170.374500.160.37
Age group 45–549540.220.424500.210.41
Age group 55–649540.160.374500.230.42
Age group 65–749540.170.384500.170.37
Age group 75 up9540.030.174500.000.07
SIMD Quintile 19130.290.454430.320.47
SIMD Quintile 29130.310.464430.350.48
SIMD Quintile 39130.160.374430.130.34
SIMD Quintile 49130.120.324430.100.31
SIMD Quintile 59130.120.324430.100.30
SPARRA score at entry91468.2120.1442474.7218.22
  • *We have access to the personal characteristics of the patients only once at the time they entered the intervention group (or the hypothetical intervention date for the control group), hence we do not present the numbers for the ‘after’ period.

  • ED, emergency department; SIMD, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation; SPARRA, Scottish Patients at Risk of Readmission and Admission.