Table 4

Predicted number of unscheduled admissions estimated at means of all other control variables based on bootstrapped SE without stratification

Predicted valueDelta-meth.
(95% CI)
Control group3.86450.13413.6017 to 4.1273
Intervention group3.30710.08313.1443 to 3.4699
Before3.95660.08503.7901 to 4.1231
After3.05060.10362.8475 to 3.2537
Control and before4.20230.15353.9014 to 4.5033
Control and after3.55380.19743.1670 to 3.9407
Intervention and before3.84770.09813.6554 to 4.0401
Intervention and after2.84240.11872.6098 to 3.0750