Table 1

Fairness in recently released and upcoming guidelines

GuidelineHow is fairness included?
Reporting guidelines
Development and Reporting of Prediction Models: Guidance for Authors From Editors of Respiratory, Sleep, and Critical Care Journals1Discussion of the risk of unfairness is included in but not the main document.
TRIPOD-ML (Announcement Statement Only)18No explicit mention.
STARD-AI (Announcement Statement Only)19No explicit mention.
Checklist for Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging31Bias discussed, but not clearly in the context of fairness with respect to differential performance or impact between patient groups.
Clinical Trial Guidelines
CONSORT-AI Extension3Fairness is brought up in the discussion section but not included explicitly in any of the guideline checklist points.
SPIRIT-AI Extension2No explicit mention.
  • CONSORT-AI, Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials–Artificial Intelligence; SPIRIT-AI, Standard Protocol Items: Recommendations for Interventional Trials–Artificial Intelligence; STARD-AI, Standards for Reporting of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies–Artificial Intelligence ; TRIPOD-ML, Transparent Reporting of a multivariable prediction model for Individual Prognosis or Diagnosis–Machine Learning.