Table 1

A summary of related data sources

NameCountrySubject areasUpdate periodDescription
HESUKAll healthcareDaily (A&E is quarterly)High-level, does not include physiological measurements outside of classifications in main diagnoses
MIMICUSAIntensive careStaticDeidentified data covering period '01–'12, in high detail
WHO Global Health ObservatoryGlobalAll healthcareVariableHigh-level count data, on a global scale, does not go to the level of individual patients
Global Health Data ExchangeGlobalAll healthcareVariableCatalogue of existing datasets, generating novel data is outside of its scope
NIHR Health Informatics CollaborativeUKThematicOpen only to member of the HIC for collaboration, does not provide a TRE
PIONEERUKAcute care including preceding and subsequent health contactsOn demandDatasets tailored to specific use cases, updated on demand and available via a secure TRE. Individual patient level data that includes medications, physiological measurements, images over 20 years. Individually linked data from primary care, ambulance and secondary care.
  • This should not be considered fully comprehensive, but highlights the differences between currently available datasets and PIONEER. HES=Hospital Episode Statistics.24 MIMIC Critical Care Dataset,25 Global Health Observatory,26 Global Health Data Exchange27 NIHR=National Institute for Health Research Health Informatics Collaborative.28

  • TRE, trusted research environment.