Table 5

Evaluation of studies and performance metrics

Author*Defined purpose†Data source describedNumber of comments specifiedData processing describedLanguage analysis approach describedEvaluation metrics reported‡Inclusion of comparative evaluation§
Alemi et al34
Greaves et al27
Greaves et al28
Wallace et al32
Rastegar-Mojarad et al57
Hawkins et al52
Wagland et al48
Hao et al51
James et al53
Bahja et al26
Plaza-del-Arco et al58
Doing-Harris et al24
Huppertz et al6
Ranard et al56
Jimenez-Zafra et al54
Menendez et al47
Rivas et al49
Nawab et al50
  • ✓ Indicates the presence of information in the article.

  • *Studies have been arranged in chronological order.

  • †Indicates reviewer judgement of clear statement of the study purpose.

  • ‡Evaluation metrics include F-measure or accuracy.

  • §Comparison includes association with other survey data.