Table 1

Randomisation success assessed through comparison of parent trial group participants

Parent trial intervention (N=502)Parent trial control (N=510)P value
Ever interacted with IPCS, n (%)*492 (98.0%)501 (98.2%)0.79
Consented to research, n (%)24 (4.8%)28 (5.5%)0.84
Length of stay
(mean days, 95% CI)
4.49 (3.82 to 5.16)5.18 (4.27 to 6.10)0.23
Total admissions (mean number, 95% CI)1.32 (1.23 to 1.40)1.25 (1.19 to 1.31)0.16
  • We report on data only from the IPCS, which do not include demographics, as not all patients consented to releasing medical record information.

  • *The IPCS is used for other tasks (eg, ordering food, watching movies), so these measures whether patients ever interacted with the IPCS during their hospital stay, for comparison of levels of IPCS engagement between the intervention and control groups.

  • IPCS, interactive patient care system.