Table 1

Literature search protocol

Clearly stated set of objectives;
Explicit, reproducible methodology;
Search criteria;
Data collection process
Systematic presentation and synthesis of the characteristics of included studies
Inclusion criteria
The review of literature focused on the aims and objectives of this study: what is known about: (1) nurses’ attitudes towards use of digital record systems? (2) incorporating informatic knowledge and skills into educational programmes? (3) known study research strategies? Identification of a training evaluation framework.
Identify articles using e-databases;
Articles published in English;
Publish date range for the articles was between January 1950 and August 2019 to ensure established models, and the most current, were captured and reviewed; 1950s being the earliest mention of training evaluation in the literature;
Literature to be full text, where possible;
Attempt to identify papers and publications that meet eligibility criteria identified by keywords
Articles were searched via e-databases including PubMed; Web of Science; CINAHL Complete; Emerald Insight; Science Direct; using a list of key words: training, training evaluation, nursing education, electronic health record, health informatics, nursing informatics, pilot study, higher education, with “AND” and “OR” as a search strategy.
Tracing origins of thinking and key authoritative text relevant to this study.
Manual searches based on the reference lists and bibliographies of articles, reports and books considered relevant to this study were also performed.
Presentation and synthesis of the key characteristics of the included papers.
Evaluation of authoritative texts by the criteria of scholarship, comprehensiveness and contribution to subsequent work
An assessment of the validity of the findings, assessment of risk of bias;
Evaluation of each study for its design, validity, rigour and relevance to this study’s research aim and objectives.
Systematic presentation and synthesis of the characteristics of included studies
Identification of the key characteristics of studies and contexts
RecommendationsEvidenced summarisation of the overall messages from the research findings; justification and methodological approach to study design