Table 6

Results of the comparative analysis of the presurvey and postsurvey

ComparatorPretraining Questionnaire
Median (IQR)
Posttraining Questionnaire
Median (IQR)
P value
Q1.1a - Q2.1b: Knowledge of digital clinical systems.3.0 (20.25)5.0 (27.91)0.052
Q1.1b - Q2.1c: Proficiency in the use of digital clinical systems.2.0 (20.08)5.0 (28.09)0.041
Q1.2a - Q2.2a: Understanding of personal use of social media.8.0 (21.02)9.0 (27.11)0.120
Q1.2b - Q2.2b: Understanding how personal use of digital media links to professional use.9.0 (21.50)9.0 (25.68)0.271