Table 4

Discussed person-generated health data (PGHD) utilisation effects on stroke survivors’ relationship with family and carer/s

Relationship with family and carer/s
Stroke survivorsClinicians
  • Site 1 survivors could potentially be compelled to share their PGHD with family to include them in their state of health.

  • PGHD might help with describing their therapy progress with family, as it is something visual they can show.

  • Sharing positive PGHD to family could be a pleasant experience.

  • The site 2 survivor and some site 1 survivors would not really be prompted and would not bother contacting loved ones.

  • Clinicians agree that stroke survivors can share PGHD with family, and could be a chance to brag about their progress.

  • PGHD might help older survivors connect with younger family members.