Table 2

Discussed person-generated health data (PGHD) utilisation effects on health-related behaviours of stroke survivors

Health-related behaviours
Stroke survivorsClinicians
  • Seeing their progress through their PGHD could potentially encourage them to keep going and do more of their rehabilitation exercises.

  • If their PGHD shows that the system is helping their recovery, they would use it more and more.

  • PGHD may help them know their movement mistakes, and correct themselves.

  • It may be important for the PGHD to be positive, as low PGHD would indicate that the system was not helping with their rehabilitation.

  • Low PGHD could cause survivors to be less inclined to continue using the system.

  • If they felt they did not perform an exercise as well as their resulting PGHD showed, they would lose confidence on the system.

  • A few survivors felt that PGHD would have no effect at all on their health behaviour.

  • Clinicians mainly anticipated that PGHD would be potentially encouraging for stroke survivors, but for slightly different reasons.

  • PGHD would inform survivors of how much they have exercised and increase their understanding on why they have to do the exercises.

  • Increased understanding could encourage them to be more complaint.

  • They agree that negative PGHD could be discouraging.