Table 1

Criteria for hypertension definitions in administrative and EMR data

DefinitionData sourceCriteriaCodesValidity
Administrative18Physician claimsAt least two billing claims within 2 yearsICD9 codes: 401–405Sensitivity: 75% Specificity: 94%
PPV: 81%
NPV: 92%
Discharge Abstract DatabaseOne in-patient diagnosis code at any timeICD10 codes: I10-I15
EMR/CPCSSN19Physician claims tableAt least two billing claims within 2 yearsICD9 codes: 401–405Sensitivity: 84.9% Specificity: 93.5
PPV: 92.9%
NPV: 86.0%
Problem list/profile tableAt least one diagnosis code at any timeICD9 codes: 401–405
Prescribed medication tableAny occurrence of a specified hypertension medication, except if one of the following co-morbid conditions exists: diabetes mellitus (250), tremor (333.1), migraine (346), myocardial infarction (410, 412), angina or cardiac dysrhythmias (413, 427), heart failure (428), oesophageal varices (456.0, 456.1), calculus of kidney and ureter (592), portal hypertension (572.3)ATC codes:
C02, C03AA03, C03BA04, C03BA08, C03BA11, C03DB01, C03DB02, C03EA01, C07AA06, C07AB03, C07AB04, C07AG02, C07CB03, C08CA01, C08CA02, C08DA01, C09AA01, C09AA02, C09AA03, C09AA07, C09AA08, C09AA09, C09AA10, C09BA02, C09BA03, C09CA02, C09CA03, C09CA04, C09CA07, C09DA01, C09DA02, C09DA04, C09XA02
  • ATC, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (classification); CPCSSN, Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network; EMR, electronic medical record; ICD, International Classification of Diseases; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value.