Table 1

Common presentations in a cohort of patients referred to A&E for face-to-face review

Presenting featureConsultations, n (%)
Reduced/blurred vision18 (25.4)
Retinal detachment warning signs16 (22.5)
Inflammatory symptoms11 (15.5)
Red eye with red flag features10 (14.0)
Trauma7 (10.0)
Diplopia5 (7.0)
Contact lens-related problem4 (5.4)
Total71 (100)
  • Categorisation was undertaken in a post hoc analysis, with all such patients falling into these categories. Red flag features in the context of red eye were defined as contact lens wear, marked unilateral injection, photophobia, moderate to severe pain, history of trauma or foreign body and visual disturbance.

  • A&E, accident and emergency department.