Table 1

Summary of sites involved in the 36 month data collection period (1 June 2016 to 31 May 2019)

SiteTotal episodes of careGeographical regionOrganisational fundingAdults/paediatric/both
Site A85WalesNHSBoth
Site B151Northern IrelandNHSBoth
Site C5EnglandNHSAdult
Site D74EnglandNHSAdult
Site E16EnglandCharityPaediatric
Site F5648ScotlandNHSAdult
Site G72EnglandNHSPaediatric
Site H14EnglandIndependentAdult
Site I506EnglandNHSAdult
Site J6Northern IrelandNHSBoth
Site K161EnglandNHSAdult
Site L76EnglandNHSAdult
Site M1510EnglandNHSAdult
Site N262Northern IrelandNHSBoth
Site O130EnglandNHSPaediatric
Site P8780WalesNHSBoth
Site Q25EnglandIndependentAdult
Site R11EnglandNHSPaediatric
Site S25Northern IrelandNHSBoth
Site T174EnglandNHSBoth
Site U134EnglandNHSBoth
  • NHS, National Health Service.